How Can I Be Safe?

Fortress™ Packs soft-armored backpacks and conversion panels offer you and your loved ones a quality solution to today's most common threats.

Choose from turnkey soft-armored backpacks ready for duty off the shelf, or convert any common backpack into a formidable ballistic shield in seconds with Fortress™ Packs soft-armor backpack conversion panels.

Fortress™ ballistic backpacks and conversion panels are designed from some of the highest quality materials, lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. Fortress™ soft-armor solutions are stand-alone and multi-hit capable, offering anyone the ability to carry daily their own mobile defensive perimeter capable of defeating some of today's most powerful handgun threats.


Active-shooter situations are growing in pace and violence - are you ready to protect yourself and your loved ones? A simple, affordable and effective solution to the most common handgun threats is here. Fortress™ soft-armor backpacks and conversion panels offer you a safer world as you daily carry your own mobile ballistic shield.

Fortress™ soft-armor backpack panels are lightweight, made from high-quality ballistic fabrics and aramids. These soft-armor backpack conversion panels allow anyone to quickly convert their backpack into a formidable defensive barrier. The Fortress™ backpack aims to give you or a loved one the extra seconds they need to escape a worst case scenario.

There is no such thing as a "bulletproof backpack" as threats simply grow larger and larger, with solutions to these threats becoming unpractical; however, what does exist is a lightweight, practical option - the Fortress™ soft-armor backpack panel which is designed and tested to defeat the most common handgun rounds used in active shooter situations today. The Fortress™ is something you can afford, light enough so you will regularly wear it and a tool which will work to make your world a safer place.